Very frequently I decide to help a company or a group of people or sometimes even one person and show them what I think. When I was young I wanted to be like EF Hutton in the EF Hutton Commercials where every one stops and listens when they talk. but right now that's far from the truth. it's really a shame when people only listen when you have a pocket full of money. if you don't have but a pocket full of lint then no one cares, unless they are special.

This is a short written service email by Christopher g Brown


In my analysis of the current “electronic stages” and “Buy and Build” our things… let me say this… I’m happy but not completely satisfied… let me explain. Right now it’s buy our parts and keep testing until it works… which sucks and is extremely expensive. The current snapeda and ultra-librarian issues are stagnant. The problem is this… and when I say problem I’m saying “OPPORTUNITY” MONEY MAKING software is only a step away… there’s my point the issue of, “is this going to work with this is the problem of opportunity.” So the goal is to test and retest and test some more. So the little cliques’ of people who know if it’s going to work or not keep making money is that they keep that important knowledge to themselves… that’s the money BUY INVENT I am try to tell you. The majority of people know already that they can buy components from and other so on and more other places… Digi-Key doesn’t like me… I love Texas instruments I used to like Digi-Key and they had some problems with no returnable software, and luckily there’s the google drive… ANYWAY… I LOVE ORCAD!!!!!!! SNAPEDA AND JLCPCB… SO WITH allegiance known… I want to tell you that the opportunity people speak of is obvious…



The far-fetched idea that people can make things is WAY not far at all. Most people think, “hey its not a tool unless it’s made in China…” My dad makes his own tools now and finally we have money at home… So to drag on this email is to say this in short… people can make reference designs but when they work with other designs THEN IT’S WORTH MONEY!!! MICROSOFT CAME OUT WITH “INTEROPERABLE IN THE SUIT OF NON-INTEROPERABLE IN THE 90-S.” THE SYSTEM I’m trying to tell you is this… a reference design that works is better than one that doesn’t and one that works with other designs is the Goal… for example dumbing it way-way-way down is the best! Make a group of reference designs that work with stages in the process and work into other stages of process. Plug in reference designs are going to be big.


A platform with interoperable plug-ins of parts with reference designs is missing from the production and assembly accompaniment. I HAVE OFFERINGS OF ANY SUCH MARKET PLACE.

Here’s what gave me the idea. Orcad can only work with one .dsn file at a time… you can paste files from another schematic into the list of schematics so that they can “netlist…” the problem is that they don’t “netlist” if the components are not properly refdes… meaning if they components aren’t a b c then they don’t work when they are “aa-aa.” The reference designator is the KEY. THEN THERES THE FUNCTIONS AND COMPUTE… NEXT… when you pledge allegiance, you do so as such… I love USA AND PRETTY MUCH ALL OF THE WORLD BUT THE MISSION I HAVE IS TO, LOVE GOD. With that being said I’m going to send this email to more than one person and make sure that the message is populated as a service message at just to bypass the lame intent of not making money legitimately copyright © 2022 chris brown


TI has this crazy high-performance CPU on schedule and I cannot wait to get one…

The only thing that held back the Romans was the volcano of Pompeii and the hedonistic binge and purge. The greatest thing in my life was the High School moment when I decided to take Latin and Learn from them. The language of etymology and the science of put this here and make that a written language is the specific intent.. to assemble a language of any alphabet is to conjugate consents and vowels and make adjectives nouns and verbs in the sentence to communicate.


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Are people going to use it? And are the engineers going to do this? Paid programming is fail and work for others and get absorbed into the “company” are companies going to be interoperable without cloud subscriptions.. and malicious marketing schemes?

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