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ETA is 2022

An "EVEN MORE AFFORDABLE" Programmable Smart Module. This is mission critical edge security device that may fit your needs perfectly in any occasion. Look at my Flexible and Programmable applications Processor.


Texas Insturments PCIe Redriver

High speed platform for PCIE electronics.

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NXP Cortex A9

Linux processor Arm Cortex

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PART A. High speed platform for small electronics from Texas Insturments Redrivers

High-Speed Front-End for PCIe Gen-3 Cards Reference Design This verified reference design is a PCIe Gen-3 high-speed front-end card design to extend the PCB trace distance of a PCIe sub-system. The board is designed to fit in a x16 lane width PCIe Gen-3 slot between a motherboard and PCIe Gen3 add-in card. This reference design provides users with a useful guideline to incorporate the DS80PCI810 repeater into PCIe Root Complex ASIC and the Add-in Card designs of their own.


The i.MX 6 series of applications processors combines scalable platforms with broad levels of integration and power-efficient processing capabilities particularly suited to multimedia applications. The i.MX6 Quad processor features:Enhanced capabilities of high-tier portable applications by fulfilling MIPS needs of operations systems and games Multilevel memory system Smart speed technology that enables the designer to deliver a feature-rich product, requiring levels of power far lower than industry expectations Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling Powerful graphics acceleration Interface flexibility Integrated power management throughout the device Advanced hardware-enabled security


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small and affordable for all platforms

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convienent and appropriate

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