• 13 A+M2=E Part
13 Amplitude (736)61.333 / doubled mass (24)2 30.666 [2.555] estimated energy constant weight (a+m2=e) part 2 thinking of different things how to invent the definition of something that doesn't exist, time and motion in tandem with out physical being and some of everything at the same time is only a summation of certain things that need to be understood as an entity of everything, war games the movie and why tic tack toe is an improbable but necessary medium to quote, would you like to play a game? Sometimes the complete understanding is giving a understanding that there is such a thing as blind faith. Complete trust only because someone tells you the history and the mysterious ways that there is faith and a cause for a better way of existence. To co-exist and understand that beyond some compensation of arithmetic that there is in fact a calculation that is endless. To say something that is of an eternal entity is like someone who knows that pi is the estimation compensation standard of the start of amplitude. The amplitude equation is something that makes all standards of measurement work against pi. 736 / 24  30.66666666666667 amplitude (736)61.33333333333333 / doubled mass (24)2  30.666 [2.555555555555556] estimated energy constant weight importance? {conception, lighting, electricity, etc.} Copyright © 2017 Christopher G Brown
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13 A+M2=E Part

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