• 132 poly oxide carb
132 state of our art hard oxide hard poly oxide carbonate nuclear smelting, and energy rod recycle fission soft poly silicate carbonate hard poly oxide carbonate in reference to - smelting of metal - nuclear smelting regeneration o2 ("the decomposition of limestone in the middle zones of the furnace proceeds according to the following reaction: caco3 ? Cao + co2[36] the calcium oxide formed by decomposition reacts with various acidic impurities in the iron (notably silica), to form a fayalitic slag which is essentially calcium silicate, casio 3:[40] sio2 + cao ? Casio3[42] ")from wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/blast_furnace#chemistry in reference to - damages during refining - how to recreate ozone 76 ("reduction to ozonides reduction of ozone gives the ozonide anion, o3? . Derivatives of this anion are explosive and must be stored at cryogenic temperatures. ozonides for all the alkali metals are known. Ko3, rbo3, and cso3 can be prepared from their respective super oxides: ko2 + o3 ? Ko3 + o2 although ko3 can be formed as above, it can also be formed from potassium hydroxide and ozone:[14] 2 koh + 5 o3 ? 2 ko3 + 5 o2 + h2o")from wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ozone#with_metals Copyright © 2017 Christopher Gabriel Brown
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132 poly oxide carb

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