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A series of events vector graphics. The first time I learned how to boot up a computer was in elementary school and to my dis may it was a very UN exciting moment. But luckily we actually had computers in school and it was in the early eighties! So that was a really big thing for me growing up. towards the end of the class we were coloring pixels and making images. But I said this is going to take forever knowing that if you color every single pixel by a numeric code then that will take infinity. So I said to the teacher whom I forgot their name... I apologize call some one!!! This is pathetic. I said to the person who came to the class a few days later that if you map the points or corners of a pixel and connect the dots then you can make things like type and pictures. So they did. B series of events the gradient long time goes by and i eventually become a computer owner and start learning from experience. easy to see someone else's faults when you study from a far so to speak. first experience with adobe software was home edition in the early 90ies. I spent tons of time on my dads computer manipulating pixels... some time goes by and I kept saving every thing as a JPEG and I was using illustrator and come to see that they were missing a step. how do artists make a shade I said when I got around to calling them one day. they said the shade? They said? Then they go into deep talking about how to make a drop shadow that back then had no blur or transparency. long story short the mention of a pixel came up and two pixels that are actually one pixel of two different tones made for what we call the gradient. (simplified),payment only accepted from relative companies
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Adobe Systems Is Born

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