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Christopher Gabriel Brown

Christopher Gabriel Brown


Artist - with defining skills of all arts including painting, music, and writing. with a focus on the digital medium in progress. expert  (Official end of Artistry ship in March of 2008-reinstated 2009)

Counsel Services - well known for providing consultation and insight as well as other things such as design and ethics advisement from every thing like cars and debit cards to should I questions and radical concept proposals.

Inventor - all areas including Technology, business management, government, information structure, and chemicals, expert in not blowing up the world

Christopher G Brown

1993 - present Georgia Artists Registry - Proud Member

1999 - 2008 Stanton Magnetic's - Stanton DJ

1999 - 2008 Bpitch Team - 1st Team Artist

2000 - present Microsoft - Services Partner

2000 - present LG - Majority Owner

2000 - present Viacom - Majority Owner

2000 - present Amazon - Unspecified Minority Owner

2003 - 2008 Adobe Systems Inc. - Certified Analyst

2004 - 2007 HP Global Citizenship - Honor Counselor

2005 - present Dream Works - Creative Adviser/Owner

2006 - present Sony Inc. - Creative Adviser/Majority Owner

2007 - present Delta NW Airlines - Majority Owner

2008 - present Microsoft Majority Owner

2009 - present Station.fm artist in residence and Owner

2009 - present Adidas GmbH - Majority Owner

2011 - present Intel Investing Owner

2011 - present Visa Bank Inc Majority Owner

1990 - present Compaq and affiliates Undisclosed sum

2016 – Renig on all Current withholding call 770 845 8629 Now

for the inventions antibiotic soap and laser eye surgery

for the various governmental advancements in politics and taxation

for limited time engagement as well as philanthropy of Artwork not including money

gifted by contemplation of the infinite motion generator and poly carbonate compound

for the carried works to ACA to SCAD and the book Generasism

 for loyalty and service rendering


Georgia Governors Honor Program 1992 CGHS Proud Class Valedictorian 1993 NGCSU sum ma cum laud 2001 ACA Class Valedictorian 1995 GBI Medal of Honor and Just Cause unspecified USMC Purple Heart for Search and Rescue unspecified United States of America Armed Forces Aero Contract Winner 1985 Nobel Prize for Advancement by Invention unspecified Nobel Prize for Advancement by Medicine unspecified Nobel Prize for Philosophy Theory unspecified Encyclopedia Britannica Adviser Achievement Award 1997 Hewlett Honor Society Lifetime Accomplishment Award 2005 Adobe In Design 1st Place Winner 1998 Academy Award for Production unspecified Academy Award for Original Script unspecified Grammy Best Dance Music Album 2005 Grammy Best Commercial Score 2004 Microsoft Technology Leader Award 2000 Georgia Artists Registry Most Requested Georgia Artist unspecified High Museum of Art Permanent Collection LAC Museum of Contemporary Art Permanent Collection Louvre Paris ONE MAN SHOW 2007 Music aus Deutschland Honor Award 2004

Sole Proprietor
Hello. I am principal owner of this company. My business reference D-U-N-S number is listed as me My business tax id is available upon request, OTOC; our terms only company. At any time during the course of business we reserve the right to renegotiate all terms agreed and prepared to by any one or any persons in a part or whole the circumstances based upon the companies at hand. Our terms or no call company. There will be pre agreements made based only on this premise of prerequisite deposits of trust. No capital will be acquired with out full honors and respectfully stated by all of the companies involved. Which translates as if you cannot agree to settle on a payment me will go with out payment. You can trust a very optimistic person and there are always ways around what you and he are unable to agree on. The trust must be engaged first in order to result in a positive out come for all of the companies which is very easy. I will not aggressively by force try to overcome your company and it's best put this way, if you wish to sell, we will buy. But, if you don't want to sell and trade we will not be malicious in any way shape or form. At the end of the first business cycle we would like to collect payment and wish that you deliver it personally. Be aware withholding due payments since the inception of the Lord Carpenters and is not responsible in any way for other individuals who may have collected for him. A waiver must be signed and notarized and reported to the Gwinnett County Government that payment has been resolved.
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Button Gwinnett
Born April 10, 1735 Gloucester shire, England Died May 19, 1777 near Savannah, Georgia Nationality English-American Signature Button Gwinnett (baptized: April 10, 1735 – May 19, 1777), was second of the signatories (first signature on the left) on the United States Declaration of Independence as a representative of Georgia. He was also briefly the provisional president of Georgia in 1777, and Gwinnett County (now a major suburb of metro Atlanta) was named after him.

Bona Fidel us High Demand Company
1985-6 / Present Formalities 2 b

Growing every day the catalog is ever expanding. The me companies are a multinational conglomerate of several companies who respect our share holder’s rights to privacy. me is the parent company of many companies which hold ownership on the sum equal to a sole proprietary. me is a company solely owned. Due to our sub companies share holder rights under several conditions there will not be disclosure of certain names brands and other copyrights and or patents due to their ownership. We will not divulge any information of sub companies due to this clause. Under any such circumstance that the case in which this does take place me will take full responsibility and may include imbursement. Please be aware has been without holding direct due payments since the beginning of the me The first known name of me Was the Lord Carpenters which began in 1985-6. All due capital is based on favor of judgment for performance as well as the year agreed on by all entities and will be withheld from public knowledge. Again me will take full responsibility and may include imbursement if this does occur to reveal itself. There are no shares for sale in me. Partial status of the ownership of the library assets is me 's own personal property. Thus the meaning of the reference sole proprietorship.


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