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Local is Better This is in reference to Past Payments of previous contracts. 1: the Lcus is selling copyright partials to companies and approved people who meet our standards. we will contact you if there are questions and send the order in less than 30 days or your money is returned. for complete information to your questions. we will respond with in one week for pre purchase inquires and with in two days for post purchase inquires. 2: Due to the Mass of Copyrights in take we are offering the permission to file a patent on your purchase the patent is pending in the specification window of all concepts due to the copyright concept clause .Email receipt and a chance of ordering a Linen Copyright Partial print. this data will be stored and saved in the LCUS library for re examination and proof of purchases. if you are unsure please send email to 3: When You place an order you are buying the rights to reproduce copyrighted property 4: TX-7-646-239 TX-7-599-215 TX-7-674-484 TX-7-511-791 TX-7-491-093 TX-7-504-988 TX-7-836-749 TX-7-786-269 TX-7-933-940 TX-8-056-278 TX-8-021-945 TX-8-169-880 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS INCLUDED CRIONER.COM CHRISTOPHER G BROWN returns unavailable last update :8/9/2016

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Buy copyrights at We are offering to settle on concepts that are original and innovative in many different fields. such as artistic concepts chemical compounds computational equations and summations counsel services energy development governmental intuitions in capitalism hardware made from people who use hardware medical inventions software design and a wide range of technology.
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